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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tucows' Express Files Installation Process Review

Unfortunately, it's no big secret that the some high profile software download websites have been remarkably inconsistent this season: they have been offering innocent users downware! For example is tucows hosts InstallX.

Express Files - tucows downloads

  1. "Thanks for using tucows! All of our software is tested to be guaranteed virus and spyware free. ..."
  2. 20141120173830
  3. "Choose installation type to continue... Advanced Installation:"
    • "Make Groovorio my new tab page"
    • "... my default search engine"
    • ".. default homepage"
  4. 20141120173846
  5. "Continue to download and installation of TidyNetwork, Common Dictionary, OptimizerPro (aka, Optimizer Pro), and UpdateAdmin (Note: it's the clone of DownloadAdmin)."
  6. 20141120173905
  7. "Get the latest news about crimes committed around the world! ... By clicking accept you agree to the terms and privacy policy of Crime Watch (NOTE: it'd be the variant of Storm Alert, Storm Watch, etc.)."
  8. 20141120173927

What did VirusTotal say?

Foistware show NOW starts, AGAIN...

(" kozaka Official Visitor Survey - 20 November, 2014")

  • "Express Files, Smart Downloader... to install DictAddon... Re-Markit... WebStroller"
  • 20141120182541
  • "Because browsing doesn't have to be difficult - Kozaka (clone of Zommify... Yonton)"
  • 20141120182653
Yontoo is a potentially unwanted application that installs a browser extension to display advertisements that appear to be from Facebook.
From Yontoo | Symantec

New junkware installation procedure...
  • "Get Desktop Notification when Storms Are Heading Your Way (Storm Alert)"
  • 20141120182859
  • "By clicking accept, I agree to VuuPC End User License Agreement..."
  • 20141120183157
  • "Access every day to free apps or at reduced of our partners with Onesoftperday (aka, oneSOFTperday)."
  • 20141120183213

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