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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How did you get your browsers hijacked by Taplika Search?

What do you know about downware? What can you do about it? Well, I will shortly explain how you could easily, carelessly install the annoying plus sticky Taplika Search (aka, WSE_Taplika).

Eight steps to install Taplika to your Firefox & Internet Explorer

  1. Hit the above advertisement.
  2. Click "Free Download" button now.
  3. Without virus check, save, run the this multiplyroi_jetclean.exe (sha256, 8cc06ddfd635665719bdb3209aebe09d9b6bc1d0dbd108deadfe2255628e562e).
  4. "Begin (your) Secure Download" now. Please be noted that, "All software available for download at YouDownloaders com..."
  5. ... Get Taplika new-tab add-on for easy access...
  6. (More greyware would come with the said downware: ArcadeGiant, StormWatch, OptimizerPro...)
  7. ...
The original installer file and associated "component" (like) file would be deleted automatically when the install of Taplika is complete:

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