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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hi there...

Hi guys,

Greeting from Donna!

If you're suffering any issues regarding PUPs, e.g., pre-installed items, bundleware, please take a look at my blog, bookmark and share it among your circles so we can stay away from the mentioned PUPs.

What are PUPs? 

Let's check 'em out....

What are the solutions?

To avoid PUPs in the first time, scan your downloads via VirusTotal (VT) or using your current antivirus software - I'd recommend Avast's free antivirus product to you.

2ndly, PLEASE BE CAREFUL, BE SLOW when install some potentially ad-sponsored installation package, downware, etc.

3rdly, if your PC has been infected or ruined by the said PUPs (aka, PUAs), you should skip the standard uninstallation routine and arm your operating system with a program uninstaller pro HERE.

More Specs about the next-gen uninstall tool:
  •  MD5: 42d1db6d41480826eef733b23e469af1
  • File Size: 4.0 MB ( 4220456 bytes )
  • Safe to download or run? Check out this VT report!

Meantime, learn more tutorials so you can improve your Windows experience and skills.

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