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Sunday, August 3, 2014

FAKE VMware Player download resource found!

Please be careful when you google some hot keyword like the above one, VMware Player. If you're an inexperienced Internet user, you would probably get the same sponsored reasult, too.

Specs about the URL:

  • Link address:  (Copyright 2014)
  • Related scan log at VT: It's Clean, by far. Details at
After clicking the Download button, some bad thing get started: the pup-up like page asked the permission to download Fast Media Converter, instead!

Details about the download:
  • Filename: setup
  • Filesize: 599 KB (613,896 bytes)
  • Digital Signatures: Rollnon,
  • Detection ratio: 9 / 54 (according to VT, here's goes the info,
  • MD5: 5be170eee06c1885ccb89e6f5e475a6c
Running that installation package will surely trigger the adware infection: we got Re-Markable installed without knowledge!

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